6 things.

by Grungi

Another post, another list of sorts. This is becoming a trend I entend to fight soon. Mainly because I tend to think too many lists can quickly become tiring to read. And there’s so many MANY lists out there. Maybe I should make a list of posts about lists to show just how many there are.

Anyway, tangents about lists aside, I was “tagged” last month, not in the metadata and Web2.0 sense of the word, but rather as in children’s games (yet it’s still a little Web2.0-like). You know, like…

“Let’s play tag !”
*Children running around*
“Tag, you’re it!”
*More joy and laughter and running around until one of them stumbles and FALLS HEAD-FIRST ON THE AXE LYING AROUND INADVERTENTLY WITH ITS BLADE FACING UPWARDS !!!*

Anyway, tangents about painful children mutilation aside, I was “tagged” last month by my sister with/for a blog meme consisting of finding six things that make you happy, in no particular order. That means the following list is going to be made with bullets, not numbers. Isn’t that a clever way to imply that the list is unordered ? Yeah, I know.

  • Playing music live : I really don’t do that enough, but grabbing a guitar and playing songs is a thrill when done on a stage, however small it may be. Especially when it’s along with some other friends and sisters.
  • Reading an awesome book/playing an awesome video game/watching an awesome anime/watching an awesome movie : The important word here is… No, it’s not awesome. It’s “story”. Regardless of the medium it is told on, a good story that makes me forget the passing of time, make me laugh or cry, or provoke thought is worth knowing. It’s a whole new universe for each one, and the ability to visit all those worlds is… Well, it’s awesome !
  • Walking around in an urban landscape while listening to some good music : The bigger the city, the better. Ah, the joy of walking around in a cold morning while your ears are comfortably put inside your headphones which are pouring some soothing melodies or heavy rythms into them…
  • DC++ : No, really, I’m not kidding. I only frequent a couple of hubs, but in those I’ve met many people who I now consider my friends. Even though it’s designed to be a file-sharing system, I only go there to chat, nowadays. I’ll probably write a proper article about Direct Connect at some point in the future, it deserves it.
  • Being who I am : Ho, ho, ho. Doesn’t that sound pretentious ? Before you label me a narcissist, let me explain. I mean that in a very broad way, more than in a “I think I’m awesome” way. For example, I include “knowing the persons I know because they’re great” in it. Or “my family”, or more material things like “playing the guitar”. Or even “my taste in music”. So it sounds pretentious, but it’s just very general. And of course it doesn’t mean I consider myself “perfect” in any way. There’s so much I have to work on >_>
  • Having a nicely organised music library : Even though this list is supposed to be an unordered one, I chose to put this last. Because I figured that if I was to leave you with a quite bad impression, the best way was to sound pathetic right at the end. So there you go, I love having a perfectly-tagged, consistent, well-sorted music library on my computer. My life is SO full of exciting things…

So, that’s it. Now, I won’t go and tag other people, partly because these blog memes feels a little too much like many chains of mails I receive and am not fond of, and partly because I don’t think I follow enough blogs I could consider tagging. So this ends here !