Here comes the obligatory…

by Grungi

2009 challenges !

Have you noticed ? Nowadays, you don’t say you’ve got New Year’s resolves anymore. The term seems to less used, and is quietly replaced by a more down-to-earth trend : the challenge ! I don’t know why that is, but I don’t want to fall behind, and so to start this new year with a bang, I’ve decided to hop on the challenge bandwagon and set a few goals for myself this year.

Some of them will hopefully be quite easy to accomplish, some will require some hard work, but I guess it should be possible in a year. Not to mention not all items are unrelated, so that makes the whole meta-challenge a tad bit easier, if you will.

So here are my 6 challenges for the new year (yeah, 6, because it’s 2009, and 9 is 3², and in turn, when you take 3 and 2 and take their product, you get… 6 ! It’s really not because I didn’t find 9 different goals, I swear !) :

1 – A month, a book

Logically enough, I’ll try to read a book each month. I love to read, but unfortunately my pace slowed to a crawl last year, so that’ll help me pick up a book and read regularly. The whole idea being to really read a book each month, not read two in one and none in the next.

2 – A month, a game

Unlogically enough, this is about playing twelve games over the year, but not necessarily one each month. Why name it exactly like the previous challenge if it’s different ? Because I can, I guess.

3 – A year, 12 animes

No. Don’t even try. I will not be bound by mere logic. But you guessed it, the big idea is to watch at least twelve animes, be it series or movies, to have something to say when the next Christmas season comes…

4 – The road to 15.000

If there’s one thing I’m borderly obcessive compulsive disorder about, it’s the tagging of the files of my music library. I won’t go into much details here, but believe me, it’s ugly. Thus, I have yet to go through a huge number of files (33.530 as I’m writing this, to be precise), and I want that to change. Thus, I’ll try to shrink that number down to 15.000. That’s still 1544 files per month, or 51 files per day, more or less. Doesn’t seem like it, but it’ll probably be one of the hardest challenge…

5 – Exploiting my other challenges (a.k.a. “Update your blog, slacker !”)

I started to post here in June, then stopped until December. That’s not good. So as we’re in 2009, I’ve decided to try and update this humble blog 9 times each month ! Hopefully, I’ll have at least a post about a book I’ve read, one about an anime I watched and another about a game I played, hence the name of the challenge. It’ll require a little dedication, but I feel I can make it !

6 – The Aprentice Game Maker

One day, I hope I’ll be able to work as a game designer. That being said, I’ve yet to prove myself I’ve really got what it takes. And thus, the biggest goal of this year will be for me to make an original game from scratch (okay, maybe using some third parties librairies, but still). This one is going to be hard, but I really want to get it done. So hopefully blogging about my progress regularly (hey, another clever way to make some “free” posts) will help me see this through.

So there, now I only need to make it happen ! It’s with a strong resolve that I enter this new year, and once again I wish everyone a happy new year, and good luck with your own goals !