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Tonight, tonight…

I’ve been itching to write about something here, but I STILL CAN’T. Because the thing in question is supposed to be a surprise… But we’re going to unveil it tonight, so expect a post about it here soon after 😀

Besoin d’un avis, les geeks…

[Note : Sorry for the post in French…] J’ai besoin de votre avis Ă  propos d’un projet en train de germer…A savoir, une compĂ©tition de crĂ©ation de jeux vidĂ©os. L’idĂ©e est de proposer de crĂ©er, seul ou Ă  deux, un jeu vidĂ©o complet en 48 heures (pendant un week-end, d’un vendredi 19h au dimanche 19h, […]

A meta post is a free post

As I failed miserably at many of the goals I set for myself last year, I won’t reiterate and fail again. If there’s one thing I want to do though, it’s giving this blog a little of the attention it so badly need. To do that, I’ve decided to inaugurate some “categories” which, because I’m […]

6 things.

Another post, another list of sorts. This is becoming a trend I entend to fight soon. Mainly because I tend to think too many lists can quickly become tiring to read. And there’s so many MANY lists out there. Maybe I should make a list of posts about lists to show just how many there […]