A meta post is a free post

by Grungi

As I failed miserably at many of the goals I set for myself last year, I won’t reiterate and fail again. If there’s one thing I want to do though, it’s giving this blog a little of the attention it so badly need. To do that, I’ve decided to inaugurate some “categories” which, because I’m a pretentious bastard, will have pseudo-artsy names.

So, here’s a breakdown of what I have in mind at the moment :

– “Dreaming through the noise” will be a series of short reviews of albums I’m currently listening to and feel are worth sharing. Ideally I’d like to put one sample song in a streamable form for each post, but I’ve yet to find an easily manageable solution. Suggestions welcome, of course !

– “Whimsical pictures” will focus on mangas and animes. I think I may start blogging regularly about series I’m following, but there will probably also be a fair share of reviews of things I already completed. I will refrain from detailed summaries in the episodic posts though, and rather try to convey the general mood of the show/manga, and what makes it or breaks it.

– “Digital rooftop” will regroup game reviews. I’m thinking of trying three-folds reviews, with a post covering my first hands-on impression of the game, another post while I’m in the middle of it, and a final one after the deed is done. We’ll see how it goes.

So that’s it. Of course, I hope I’ll be able to get myself to write outside of those three categories of course, because I’ll really try to maintain specific format for those posts, to prevent them to simply regroup all my posts about anime, music and games. For example, those two last “2009 in anime” posts I still need to complete ? I wouldn’t want them to fall in the “Whimsical pictures” category.

Anyway, I hope you all spent great holidays with your family, friends, significant other or even alone, whatever floats your boat. See you around for those two last “12 moments” posts and the inaugural posting for those three brand new categories, which will perhaps explain what the names are about.

Or maybe not. It’s not like there’s a deep meaning behind…