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Tonight, tonight…

I’ve been itching to write about something here, but I STILL CAN’T. Because the thing in question is supposed to be a surprise… But we’re going to unveil it tonight, so expect a post about it here soon after 😀

And amidst the void…

Well things are pretty quiet around here… Mainly due to the fact that I’m moving, so the past few weeks have been nothing but tremendous administrative fun. Anyway, I’m not dead, and I look forward to having the opportunity of a fresh start to hopefully commit more to this blog. Stay tuned for more live […]

Fly Away

Let me borrow this song title from THYME in order for me to warn you that I’ll be in Japan for almost a month starting tomorrow. I should have access to the Internet fairly often, so I’ll try to report back here from time to time, but don’t hold your breath… Me and regular posting, […]

A meta post is a free post

As I failed miserably at many of the goals I set for myself last year, I won’t reiterate and fail again. If there’s one thing I want to do though, it’s giving this blog a little of the attention it so badly need. To do that, I’ve decided to inaugurate some “categories” which, because I’m […]