(Week 1 – Day 5) – ToweRing

by Grungi

(Cross-posted from http://www.1monthgame.com/blog/week-1-day-5-towering/)
The post is a bit late, but I didn’t have the time to post yesterday, so here it is.

I have worked on one of the key gameplay features of the game : the perspective switching (thanks, Fez). As the game takes place around (and in) a tower, the player can move around its center, but I wanted to provide the ability to move from and towards said center, to enable more intricate level designs, as well as a better exploration inside the tower.
It now works in my test level, and by a key press you can switch between the two perspectives.
Moving around the center, as per usual.
Coming towards the center.
Now that I have this thing out of the way, day 6 will be for collisions and platforming. I keep shuffling the order of my to-do list, but at least I am getting things done 🙂