(Week 1 – Day 6) – ToweRing

by Grungi

(Cross-posted from http://www.1monthgame.com/blog/week-1-day-6-towering/)

Good news ! I managed to get quite a lot done today, as I think I have nailed most of the platforming stuff.
Isn’t he looking nice, standing on his block like that ?
I managed to get a much cleaner behaviour than what I had during the LD, so I am very very happy about that. I crossed all the items I had on my to-do list so far, which is awesome, but my planning still has some things I want to address before moving on to week 2 and the beginning of the level design.
That said, I did stumble upon a little problem that I will have to solve : the character cannot pass through point (0,0) anymore. I need to adapt what I am doing to make that possible again, I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Apart from that nagging problem, I am super excited at the idea on making some more graphical experiments (do settle on a art style) and delving into the design of the game proper!