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BattleRL : Day 4 progress report

Uh-oh, now that we have passed the half mark of the challenge, stress is slowly but surely building up… Yesterday, I was able to accomplish 2 of the 4 items I set out to complete. The ones that made the cut were : Time management and forbidden zones! Time came first, because it was a […]

BattleRL : Day 3 progress report

The third day was dedicated to a very important aspect of BattleRL : the combat. I had other commitments yesterday, so I could not devote as much time as I had hoped to the game, but I managed to get the melee combat mostly working. Working on the combat made it necessary to work on […]

BattleRL : Day 2 progress report

Day two was also productive thanks to libtcod’s included algorithms. It still needs some tweaking, but I was able to get the field of view computed and running in a very short time. That meant also adding the traditional ‘@’ character to depict the player character, and making him move around correctly. I still need […]

BattleRL : Day 1 progress report

So, how did day 1 of coding for the challenge go? For most parts, it went well. I managed to get most of the map generation out of the way, and while I am not completely happy with it as of right now, I think that it is a good start that should enable me […]

BattleRL : a 7DRL

It has been a while, how are you doing? This month is a good one : the sun starts to come out more often again, the temperature increases, and, most importantly, the 7DRLC is just around the corner! What is that gibberish you ask? Well, 7DRLC stands for ‘Seven Days Roguelike Challenge’, a week long […]

A step further

My January game is coming along nicely (I think so, at least), and that is an awesome feeling. It is now the tenth, and while I had divided the work into four ‘phases’, so roughly one per week, I completed phase II this morning. So I am ahead of schedule, even if I realise I […]

LD #25, the aftermath

So, the 25th Ludum Dare rating period has closed, so it is time for a little mathematics. The first key piece of information is that there were 902 entries in the competition (1327 in total). That gives a frame of reference for the rest of the numbers. So let us delve into the results : […]

The first prototype

Since the new year is there, I have started to work on my first game for #OneGameAMonth. Which means I have (finally) started learning Unity. I have always been very interested in Unity, but had held off on learning to use it because it did not offer an option to export to Linux. Being a […]

2012 in game dev
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Ahead of us

Happy 2013 everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the festivities of yesterday, and are ready to dive into the new year full of energy and renewed motivation. That is certainly the case for me, and so I would like to close my “2012 in game dev” series of posts with one that has an eye set […]

2012 in game dev
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Razor sharp

If one indie game developer is deserving of the term ‘badass’, it is the one to which this post is dedicated. This is a person that has influenced me in many ways, both consciously and unconsciously. This fine gentleman is Christopher ‘Jack’ Nilssen, running the one-man outfit known as the ‘Dark Acre’. Earlier this year, […]