BattleRL : Day 2 progress report

by Grungi

Day two was also productive thanks to libtcod’s included algorithms. It still needs some tweaking, but I was able to get the field of view computed and running in a very short time. That meant also adding the traditional ‘@’ character to depict the player character, and making him move around correctly.

Field of view rendering.

I still need to adjust a couple of things for the field of view:

  • I do not want it to be coputed on a square, but on a circle around the player.
  • I need to have three states for the tiles : undiscovered, invisible and visible.
  • I want to experiment with limiting the angle for the field of view computation.

But again, for day 3 I would rather move on to combat, so that when I come back to that to refine and balance all the previous systems, it will be in relation to the other systems, to assess the ‘fun’ of said tweaks.