Digital Rooftop: At the start of the dream

by Grungi

These past few months have been FULL of good games coming out : I still have to play Star Ocean (the PS3 version), I had a blast with Heavy Rain, I dived into Final Fantasy XIII as soon as it was available, I recently got Sands of Destruction on the DS, I’ve yet to complete Silent Hill Shattered Memories…

That’s a lot to do.

Yet all those are going to sit on their shelf as I’m indulging in a game I’ve been waiting for since I first heard of it, more than a year ago. It’s release date is this friday, but I managed to find a copy in a store where it had been delivered already.

So I put the disc in my console as soon as I could, but unfortunately only had half an hour to try it out. But even in such a short time, the game delighted me more than FFXIII’s awesome graphics or Heavy Rain’s realism could.

But which game is it, I hear you ask ? It’s “Fragile Dream ~ Farewell ruins of the moon” on the Wii.

That game has it all : As Seto, you’re bound to explore a derelict post-apocalyptic world from which humankind seems to have vanished entirely. Except for a silver-haired girl you meet at the start of the game, and who runs off just as quickly. And you guessed it, our brave young man will try to find her again, all the while traveling through an eerie abandoned Tokyo in the direction of the only place that shines in the cityscape : Tokyo Tower.

This plot looks almost like someone tried to make my perfect game! And seeing the beginning of the adventure only confirmed what listening to the soundtrack and watching the trailers indicated : the dreamy quest will be enchanting every step of the way. The setting oozes a strange kind of magic, the kind of which you can find in ICO or Shadow of the Colossus.

Fragile Dreams is at heart a “survival-horror” game, but from which you would replace the “horror” part with something far more dreamy and eerie (I’m gonna wear those two words out if I’m to write more than one post about this game…). And the “survival” part ? Well, looks like Seto’s adventure will be more about exploring than surviving… So I guess the game is an “Exploration-Dream” after all ? Sounds about right…