Dreaming through the noise : StartOfTheDay – Melody Runner

by Grungi

It’s long overdue, but here it is, my first “Dreaming through the noise” post. As I said earlier, I wanted to post some kinds of short reviews, and so here we are, you’re about to read the first of those.

And the first album I want to share with you is Melody Runner, by StartOfTheDay.

StartOfTheDay is a Japanese band that does a strange kind of rock… I think that the best description of their music I have ever read of them was on the late unchained blog (which is now 23ji no ongaku, in case you still didn’t know [also, go read it 🙂 ] ), where StartOfTheDay was described as “Airplane Music”. And honestly, it’s exactly that.

Melody Runner is the most recent album put out by the band, if you exclude their best of. The disc features a collection of that, well, are perfectly suited to that time when you look through the plane’s window to see the sun rising above the clouds in the distance, shedding golden rays of lights on the Earth. Sounds a bit grandiloquent ? Well, maybe it is, but that’s really the best way I can describe how StartOfTheDay’s music makes me feel. And before you ask, no, it doesn’t get stale. The songs do sound different from each other, it’s just that the uplifting factor is strong in almost all of them. But I guess I should let the band speak for themselves, don’t you think ?

The song I chose to pick from the album is called “Whisper”, and is a prime example of what StartOfTheDay does so well. It’s uplifting, epic, yet delicate. For sure, the high-pitched vocals may take some time to get used to, but even if you don’t like them, please take some minutes off what you’re doing, lay back and close your eyes. Then tell me if the music doesn’t prompt you to think of flying or at least something equally stirring.

The first time I heard this song, I thought at first that the intro was okay, very post-rockish in both mood and composition, and seeing how long it is I was prepared for a slow-paced song. But then, those marching drums kicks in, quickly followed by an awesome piano melody. By the time the first words were sung, I was sold, and Whisper has been my top StartOfTheDay track since.

It is really a shame that for now the future of the band is uncertain. They lost two members, and have been silent for months now, which is kinda worrying. I hope that, sometime in the future, we’ll hear again from them and that they’ll continue to bring us their special brand of “Airplane Rock”, because bands that can match the uplifting power of StartOfTheDay’s music are few and far between.

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