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Stepping unto the stage.

Next week, on the 24th and 25th of april, I’m going to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time : play on stage in a band. Now, don’t get me wrong, I already had plenty of occasions to play live with other musicians, but for the most part it was simply […]

Dreaming through the noise : StartOfTheDay – Melody Runner

It’s long overdue, but here it is, my first “Dreaming through the noise” post. As I said earlier, I wanted to post some kinds of short reviews, and so here we are, you’re about to read the first of those. And the first album I want to share with you is Melody Runner, by StartOfTheDay. […]


What are your memories made of ? Once all the photographs have been lost in a fire (or a hard drive crash), when there’s no video on the Internet capturing the moment, what is capabable of evoking vivid images of days long past in your head ? Figuring out the most common trigger for me […]

Live report: Next Exit to Nowhere & Presence of soul

(Pictures -from a cellphone- by Laurie Delmer) On the first day of february, something happened. For an hour, time stood still, my whole universe centered around what was happening a couple of meters before my eyes. Eerie guitar melodies filled the air, as if coiling around melodic basslines and the precise hits of a drummer. […]

Live report : Epica & Krypteria

Last sunday, I went with a friend to something I hadn’t been to since what seemed like forever : an Epica concert. This band is special to me, as it’s one of the first band I saw live. In fact, it was my first metal gig. It was at the Graspop (a big metal festival […]

sleepmakeswaves – In today already walks tomorrow

Finding good music is always a pleasant experience. Finding good music for free is even more awesome. Recently, I got lucky and stumbled upon a fabulous record, “In today already walks tomorrow”, by the band sleepmakeswaves, distributed on the net by the Lost Children netlabel.Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the four guys play a very cinematic […]

Now I can finish my earing off in style !

People who know me know that me and my sister have a lot in common. And one of the many things we share is a love of fancy headphones. So, not that long ago, when she stumbled on the new customizable iFrogz headphones, we decided to each buy a pair for the other. Well, of […]