Stepping unto the stage.

by Grungi

Next week, on the 24th and 25th of april, I’m going to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time : play on stage in a band.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I already had plenty of occasions to play live with other musicians, but for the most part it was simply getting a few friends together, rehearse a couple times for a particular occasion, and do a quick set. Those weren’t real bands. I must, of course, set what I did on countless occasions with that singing sister of mine. But then again when we’re playing together, we’re a duo, not a fullblown band.

So, I’m really excited ! The band I’m playing in, “Riding on a band with no name”, is a celtic folk band. For now, we’re doing covers of traditional and not-so-traditional material, but we hope to move on to compositions soon(ish). What’s best is that we’ll probably be playing outside, which is perfectly fitting for our type of music. Also, you do not want to have a bagpipe playing in a small room next to you. 🙂

Another thing that makes me love this quartet (for now, we’re planning on adding at least one more member, but she’s in Japan, if you see what I mean…) is that we switch instuments. I play the guitar and on some occasions percussions, we’ve got a harp player that also sometimes helps with percussions, a flutist/bagpipist(?)/guitarist, and a singer. In the future, I may start playing bass or something, and well, not being stuck with only one thing to do feels really refreshing.

If you happen to be in Belgium, not too far from Limal/Profondsart (near Wavre, Walloon Brabant), then come see us ! We play six times over the course of the two days, and you’ll find all the relevant info on this website. Bring your friends, and be ready to clap your hands and sing with us !

Now, all I need to do is convince the members of the post-rock band I’m in to set a date for our first gig…