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Digital Rooftop: At the start of the dream

These past few months have been FULL of good games coming out : I still have to play Star Ocean (the PS3 version), I had a blast with Heavy Rain, I dived into Final Fantasy XIII as soon as it was available, I recently got Sands of Destruction on the DS, I’ve yet to complete […]

Digital rooftop: Another war

I’m weak… And because of that I bought yet another game. I don’t know how I’ll manage to complete all the ones I started, and that’s not even thinking about the coming months which will see the release of Fragile on the Wii, and Resonance of Fate, Final Fantasy XIII and Heavy Rain on the […]

Digital rooftop: Prelude to the war (Tom Clancy’s EndWar)

(Tom Clancy’s EndWar review, Part 1 of 3) So, today I bought Tom Clancy’s EndWar on PS3 (found it for a tiny 15€) and invested about 45 minutes in it, just enough to see how it played like. To be fair, the test conditions where far from ideal: small SD screen, and much worse no […]