Ludum Dare #19

by Grungi

So, this weekend will be pretty busy. Between the Japanese class, the family reunion on saturday night, and some last-minute present shopping, I’m going to try and take part in Ludum Dare #19.

I mentionned Ludum Dare previously, but to recap, it’s a competition where the goal is to make a game based on a yet-to-be-revealed theme in 48 hours, starting from scratch.

It’s going to be tough, but I really want to try and get together something playable during the weekend. In my timezone, the contest will start at 3am on saturday, and end at the same time monday, so I’ll still have a reasonable amount of time.

I’ll (try to) blog and tweet regularly during the process, so expect things here during the weekend. For the curious, you can check what I’ll be using there.