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Ludum Dare #19

So, this weekend will be pretty busy. Between the Japanese class, the family reunion on saturday night, and some last-minute present shopping, I’m going to try and take part in Ludum Dare #19. I mentionned Ludum Dare previously, but to recap, it’s a competition where the goal is to make a game based on a […]

How to feel good about yourself today.

Who doesn’t like feeling like a good person once in a while ? And who doesn’t like getting something for it to boot ? Well, guess what, for a little more than 6 days still, that’s exactly what you can do ! Here’s the deal : you buy 5 great games for any price you […]

Web2.0 – Read the terms of use, next time!

There’s something bothering me more and more as time passes by with the “Web 2.0”. Yet it’s not something directly related to the websites or companies themselves, such as the stupid and intentionnaly-misspelled names. No. What’s bothering me is that an increasing number of persons seem to complain about the privacy of their data. I […]