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LD #25, the aftermath

So, the 25th Ludum Dare rating period has closed, so it is time for a little mathematics. The first key piece of information is that there were 902 entries in the competition (1327 in total). That gives a frame of reference for the rest of the numbers. So let us delve into the results : […]

Ludum Dare – Once again :)

As was the case 4 months ago, I took part last weekend in a game-making competition called Ludum Dare. As a reminder, the goal is to create a game from scratch in 48 hours, which is quite the challenge. This time, the theme was “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!”. I managed to make […]

Into the unknown – Post-mortem

Well, had some time to think over what I did right and wrong for my first participation in LD, or any game making sprint for that matter.The good : I ended up with something playable. Sure, it lacks a lot of stuff, but considering I had to pretty much give up on more than half […]

Version 0.2 already

Don’t want to read ? Here’s a link : Of course, after having slept a bit, the solution to all my light-related problems appeared to me, clear and simple… So I couldn’t resist and implemented it, look how beautiful it is ! (Ahem, getting a bit ahead of myself…) Anyway, enjoy “Into the unknown v.0.2“. […]

And that’s a wrap !

Thought I was never going to finish in time, but here I am, my ‘game’ uploaded before the deadline… It looks somehow like this : But honestly, when it moves it’s much nicer 🙂 So if you’re feeling brave, install python and pygame, and enjoy ! Many things I planned to put in there were […]

Hum, not much time left…

…and my lights still aren’t properly working… *sigh* That being said, I’m now designing levels, got 17 down, still need around 23, but describing them all by hand is quite time consuming. And with all that, there’s still no music, no sound, no story, … I hope to have at least a basic “explore the […]

And, ladies and gentlemen, let there be light !

Well, ok, it’s not impressive as of yet, but my proof-of-concept jusing a bitmask works like a charm (just tested it in five minutes…). So I’m confident I’ll have the kind of lights I want tomorrow… This is looking very good this far… And here’s a screenshot (also, some kind of background :D) Now, I […]

Yay ! Levels can now be loaded !

I now have a pretty good grasp on the game I want to make (obviously, it’ll be some kind of platformer…), and the code is coming along nicely. This is what I’ve got right now : This starts looking like a game, right ? I will now start thinking about the biggest challenge : a […]

Physical setup complete !

Ok, took me a bit longer than expected, but my room is ready ! Vignetting effect courtesy of my wide-angle lens. Guitars are there, music is playing, I have fruits handy, desk is tidy, and the fridge is full of stuff… Now to the software part…

Ludum Dare #19

So, this weekend will be pretty busy. Between the Japanese class, the family reunion on saturday night, and some last-minute present shopping, I’m going to try and take part in Ludum Dare #19. I mentionned Ludum Dare previously, but to recap, it’s a competition where the goal is to make a game based on a […]