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Lone warrior

by Grungi

A handful of indies make up what to me feels like the most important group in all the ‘community’. These are people who are incredibly talented and good at what they do, but who I feel are still people I can relate to. They are the ones I hope to one day meet, and have a chance to talk to without babbling like a fanboy meeting a rock star – I can dream. One of them embodies the very idea of perseverance for me, and I look up to him as someone who gives me the will to press on. Meet Jasper Byrne.

The protagonist of Jasper Byrne's Lone Survivor.

The protagonist of Jasper Byrne’s Lone Survivor.

The UK developer, artist and musician is probably mostly known for this year’s survival horror Lone Survivor. A game that encapsulated the very essence of games like Silent Hill, but in a 2D format. Which was the culmination of years of work and the final form of another project of Superflat Games. The road to release was a rough one for Mr Byrne, and I was relieved to finally be able to purchase a copy, meaning that he would probably be able to continue on his quest.

Reading the blog of Jasper Byrne always provide for an engaging read, and one that, even when it is delivering bad news, bolsters my will and my resolve to continue designing and writing games. I may be far behind in regards of output, but if I am still doing it, it is because of people like Mr Byrne who show me that while things do not always work out the way we want them to, dedication and willpower can prevail.

NEW GAME+, the new dungeon crawler that was almost not meant to be.

NEW GAME+, the new dungeon crawler that was almost not meant to be.

But summing up the creator of Lone Survivor as being dedicated would not do him justice. Because his games are not only good and insanely polished games, they are labours of love, from Lone Survivor and its hommage to Silent Hill to his latest project, New Game+, which crosses Zelda and Demon’s/Dark Souls. Which adds something to the picture : I can easily relate to Jasper Byrne’s inspirations and tastes, it would seem…

It is Christmas Eve, so I do not have much time left to wrap this post up, but if you read this, Mr Byrne, I want you to know that you have been an important part of my journey this year, and that I am grateful for that.

(As usual, you can find Jasper Byrne on Twitter, or via his website!)