(Week 1 – Day 1) – ToweRing

by Grungi

Hi there !
Today is the first day of June, and June is for the first time this year the “NaGaDeMo”, or “National Game Development Month”. That makes it perfect for starting on a 1 month game project. So without further ado, I present to you :
The game itself is going to be what I couldn’t get to work during last April’s Ludum Dare competition, with a lot of changes and additions. Which means a platformer taking place on the outer surface (and inside) of a huge tower.
For this first day, I have spent a lot of time brainstorming about what I should include or change in the first design of the game. Then, as the cool kids seem to do these days, I have put everything in a Workflowy list. This will hopefully help me stay on target during the month, and I have made it available here if some of you would want to see it evolve during the month. Please note that it will of course include many spoilers as I will probably put there every bit of story. So don’t open that part if you want to keep surprises intact.
Tomorrow, I plan on getting started with the programmation, and will try to get some basic platforming going on. So hopefully, screenshots !