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(Week 1 – Day 3) – ToweRing

(Cross-posted from Well, a little less progress than I would have liked, but I did manage to get many “technical” things working. For example, volumetric lighting. Nice “god rays” I will start with some actual gameplay, maybe tonight still, or else tomorrow. I am still thinking about the structure for the code, even though I […]

(Week 1 – Day 2) – ToweRing

(Cross-posted from Today, I made some initial tests with the baking of ambient occlusion (as I want to have something that is mostly devoid of textures). But apparently somewhere between Blender and Panda3D, texture coordinates get mixed up… I was on my laptop today, so I will use my more powerful desktop to experiment with […]

(Week 1 – Day 1) – ToweRing

(Cross-posted from Hi there ! Today is the first day of June, and June is for the first time this year the “NaGaDeMo”, or “National Game Development Month”. That makes it perfect for starting on a 1 month game project. So without further ado, I present to you : ToweRing The game itself is going to […]

Ludum Dare – Once again :)

As was the case 4 months ago, I took part last weekend in a game-making competition called Ludum Dare. As a reminder, the goal is to create a game from scratch in 48 hours, which is quite the challenge. This time, the theme was “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!”. I managed to make […]

[Lumen] Initial progress status.

Hi there ! Welcome to the first status update about Lumen, a project I have with a friend. I figured that a good way to keep the motivation intact would be to periodically report here about our progress with the game. Oh yeah, Lumen is a game 🙂 We’re using Panda3D, a free 3D engine, […]

Unkown Lands Episode 1: Stranger in a strange land

[Everyone and their grandmother do this, so I thought “why not me ?”. Don’t hold your breath for regular updates though, you know who I am… But I’ll do my best…] What would you do if you woke up at the bottom of a dune behind which the sun the sun would be slowly rising […]

We made a game !

…Okay, okay, technically we only have reached beta status, but still, that’s something ! And before you ask, I’m not starting to speak about myself as “we”, no. With another coding friend (Thomas, a.k.a. Sempaï) and an infographist (Medea), we formed a small team called “GSM Productions” to start making a game for a common […]

Into the unknown – Post-mortem

Well, had some time to think over what I did right and wrong for my first participation in LD, or any game making sprint for that matter.The good : I ended up with something playable. Sure, it lacks a lot of stuff, but considering I had to pretty much give up on more than half […]

Version 0.2 already

Don’t want to read ? Here’s a link : Of course, after having slept a bit, the solution to all my light-related problems appeared to me, clear and simple… So I couldn’t resist and implemented it, look how beautiful it is ! (Ahem, getting a bit ahead of myself…) Anyway, enjoy “Into the unknown v.0.2“. […]

And that’s a wrap !

Thought I was never going to finish in time, but here I am, my ‘game’ uploaded before the deadline… It looks somehow like this : But honestly, when it moves it’s much nicer 🙂 So if you’re feeling brave, install python and pygame, and enjoy ! Many things I planned to put in there were […]