We made a game !

by Grungi

…Okay, okay, technically we only have reached beta status, but still, that’s something !

And before you ask, I’m not starting to speak about myself as “we”, no. With another coding friend (Thomas, a.k.a. Sempaï) and an infographist (Medea), we formed a small team called “GSM Productions” to start making a game for a common friend’s birthday present.

For two months, working on our spare time, and that isn’t a lot, let me tell you, we developed a tower defense game based on our friend’s fantasy book about demons and angels. And, on friday, we finally gave her the present, in the form of a beta version of the game !

What is with that look ?

Oh, you don’t think it was nice to give her a beta version instead of a full, finished product ? Well, you see, the gift is meant to be twofolds. The software itself is only part of the whole thing. Now, as we’ll be progressing towards the final game, we want to let her write the story that’ll go along the game. Also, she’ll help us integrate the game into her universe a little better.

We’re very commited to finish this game up, and while we’re implementing the remaining features and balancing the difficulty, we’ll release some beta versions for you to see. But right now, the computer hosting our Git repository is dead, and we still to sort the licensing before we put up a download link. We use Creative Common music, and probably are going to go with the GPL for the source code (even if not, rest assured that the code will be opensource !), but we want to make sure that we do everything correctly.

So you’re still going to have to wait a little bit to enjoy Alun Hevel 🙂 But hopefully you’ll like it when we do release it !