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Month: March, 2010

2009 in anime: The lost chapters

Hum. So I told you my last post was long overdue ? What about this one then ! But still, I feel the urge to express at least something for the remaining two moments of the 2009 in anime project, so I’m gonna write this post anyway, even if 2009 has now come to pass, […]

Dreaming through the noise : StartOfTheDay – Melody Runner

It’s long overdue, but here it is, my first “Dreaming through the noise” post. As I said earlier, I wanted to post some kinds of short reviews, and so here we are, you’re about to read the first of those. And the first album I want to share with you is Melody Runner, by StartOfTheDay. […]

Digital Rooftop: At the start of the dream

These past few months have been FULL of good games coming out : I still have to play Star Ocean (the PS3 version), I had a blast with Heavy Rain, I dived into Final Fantasy XIII as soon as it was available, I recently got Sands of Destruction on the DS, I’ve yet to complete […]