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Month: January, 2009

sleepmakeswaves – In today already walks tomorrow

Finding good music is always a pleasant experience. Finding good music for free is even more awesome. Recently, I got lucky and stumbled upon a fabulous record, “In today already walks tomorrow”, by the band sleepmakeswaves, distributed on the net by the Lost Children netlabel.Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the four guys play a very cinematic […]

A month, a game #1 : Sonic Rush

What the hell ? Out of all the games I’m currently playing, I managed to finish that one first ? Ah well, guess it was the nostalgia factor. I was a fan of Sonic once, especially of Sonic Chaos on the Sega Master System. That said, I only managed to complete the main mode once, […]

6 things.

Another post, another list of sorts. This is becoming a trend I entend to fight soon. Mainly because I tend to think too many lists can quickly become tiring to read. And there’s so many MANY lists out there. Maybe I should make a list of posts about lists to show just how many there […]

Here comes the obligatory…

2009 challenges ! Have you noticed ? Nowadays, you don’t say you’ve got New Year’s resolves anymore. The term seems to less used, and is quietly replaced by a more down-to-earth trend : the challenge ! I don’t know why that is, but I don’t want to fall behind, and so to start this new […]