All the footprints you’ve ever left and the fear expecting ahead (Prelude)

by Grungi

Prelude -[Tales]-

The sun was setting now, bathing the city in light as if it were burning. The skyscrappers soared to the sky as usual, and nothing seemed to disturb the fragile peace that moment of the day always brought to the landscape. On the top of one of the largest buildings, there was someone. A boy, who looked like millions of other boys of his age, the age at which one is not a teenager anymore, but still can’t think of himself as an adult.

His hair was being toyed with by the wind, but he didn’t seemed to care. Oblivious of everything around him, he was staring into the distance, lost in the sound coming out from the big pair of headphones he was wearing. The songs had gained meaning now, they were more than the sonic background of his life, like they were some weeks ago. Now, every note brought a memory to his mind, sometimes making him smile, sometimes almost bringing him to tears.

And he looked weary. If one was to watch him closely, his silhouette would have shown subtle signs of tiredness. Not only did the boy looked strangely tired, the eyes that were projecting his gaze far off into the distance were full of that experience you can usually find in those of older men.

But let us quietly leave the rooftop, and let him be. To know why this boy was looking at the cityscape with eyes that seemed to have seen far too much, there are other places that must be visited. Other tales that have to be told. Only then will you be able to fully understand.

Prelude -[End]-

Picture credit : taishi