Your shoes and the world to come...

Month: February, 2010


What are your memories made of ? Once all the photographs have been lost in a fire (or a hard drive crash), when there’s no video on the Internet capturing the moment, what is capabable of evoking vivid images of days long past in your head ? Figuring out the most common trigger for me […]

Are you “Always cool” or “A gentleman” ?

I hereby engage a procedure that may warp my mind for the rest of my life as I’m trying to decide the right way to start this post about one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. I am really fond of H.P. Lovecraft’s works, so I’m no stranger to how madness can overcome one’s […]

The Hectic Weeks

Right now, I’m entering the second week of what’s probably the most tiring part of the year for me. And by this I mean the part when students from the University of Fukuoka are in Louvain-la-Neuve to learn French. Each year, between 20 and 30 students take part in a 3-weeks “internship” during which they […]

Whimsical pictures: Weeks 4-6 of winter 2010

Well, so much for staying on schedule… But no sweat, I’m just going to make up for lost time by posting my impressions for the past three weeks. Sora no Woto – 04, 05 & 06 The last three weeks of Sora no Woto continued to delight me, yet it really needs to pick up […]

Live report: Next Exit to Nowhere & Presence of soul

(Pictures -from a cellphone- by Laurie Delmer) On the first day of february, something happened. For an hour, time stood still, my whole universe centered around what was happening a couple of meters before my eyes. Eerie guitar melodies filled the air, as if coiling around melodic basslines and the precise hits of a drummer. […]

Whimsical pictures: ISML 2010 has just begun!

Do you know what “ISML” stands for ? If you do, then this post won’t teach you anything new, but if you’re like I was some months ago, you absolutely don’t have a clue. And if I tell you that it means “International Sai Moe League“, that doesn’t really help. Well, the ISML can be […]