Your shoes and the world to come...

Month: June, 2008

All the footprints you’ve ever left and the fear expecting ahead (Ch I, part 1)

Chapter I, part 1 -[Awaken eyes]- There are things that are widely regarded as being enjoyable. For example, spending a peaceful evening with someone you hold dear, drinking a cup of your favourite warm drink while looking at the falling snow through your window early in the morning or riding a bicycle in the summer […]

Web2.0 – Read the terms of use, next time!

There’s something bothering me more and more as time passes by with the “Web 2.0”. Yet it’s not something directly related to the websites or companies themselves, such as the stupid and intentionnaly-misspelled names. No. What’s bothering me is that an increasing number of persons seem to complain about the privacy of their data. I […]

All the footprints you’ve ever left and the fear expecting ahead (Prelude)

Prelude -[Tales]- The sun was setting now, bathing the city in light as if it were burning. The skyscrappers soared to the sky as usual, and nothing seemed to disturb the fragile peace that moment of the day always brought to the landscape. On the top of one of the largest buildings, there was someone. […]

The World Ends With You

I have some kind of a bad habit. Once in a while, I’ll go into a store selling books, video games or CDs, and there I’ll look through the available items to finally end up buying something I know nothing about. That is, a good cover art and an unusual title can be enough to […]

Shall we go ?

If you found your way here, chances are that either you know me, or you don’t really care. So I won’t bother with a lenghty personal intro. I’ll just let you know that I thank you for coming, and I hope you’ll enjoy the time you’ll spend travelling along with me, be it short or […]