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Month: November, 2012

Japan Log #5 – My deer Nara

Oh wow, I think I topped myself with the lameness of that pun… But anyway, time for our first stop on our ‘traditional Japan’ tryptic : Nara. A city that we visited with Pascale in 2009, and which I knew was very beautiful. Many people, when they think of seeing the traditional side of Japan, […]

Japan Log #4 – Hyperkinetic

So, with a bit of delay, here is the post relating our adventures in Osaka… Ah, Osaka… That name which rings like the funniest city of Japan. If you don’t read Azumanga_Daioh, then maybe you were, like me, an avid reader of “An Englishman in Osaka”. That blog featured during several years the observations of said […]

Japan Log #3 – City of peace

When we arrived at Hiroshima, it was already dark since the sun already had set long before we left Fukuoka. So we made a beeline to our hostel, and were greeted by a really nice and cozy Japanese-style room. The next day was planned as two half. In the morning, we wanted to go to […]

Japan Log #2 – Fukuoka Frenzy

Well, ok, maybe not so much frenzy as you may think, but hey, it made for a nice-sounding title. Last time, I was telling you we had to choose between going to Canal City to eat ramen, or going to the Yamato-ya. Well, we did both! The morning of our second day in Fukuoka, my […]

Japan Log #1 – Traiiiiiiins (*)

(*) To be said like “braiiiiiins”. Reason apparent in a moment. Ah, Japan… So glad to be back for another 3-weeks stay! It’s only been two days, but they were already packed with things to remember, so here’s a quick update, live from Fukuoka. Flight was uneventful, but was rather comfortable due to the seat […]