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Whimsical pictures: Weeks 4-6 of winter 2010

Well, so much for staying on schedule… But no sweat, I’m just going to make up for lost time by posting my impressions for the past three weeks. Sora no Woto – 04, 05 & 06 The last three weeks of Sora no Woto continued to delight me, yet it really needs to pick up […]

Whimsical pictures: ISML 2010 has just begun!

Do you know what “ISML” stands for ? If you do, then this post won’t teach you anything new, but if you’re like I was some months ago, you absolutely don’t have a clue. And if I tell you that it means “International Sai Moe League“, that doesn’t really help. Well, the ISML can be […]

Whimsical pictures: Week 3 of winter 2010

Guess what ? Yeah, you’re in for another round of impressions, just in time before the fourth episodes start to pop up. Sora no Woto – 03 Seems like my wish about this is about to get fulfilled. More than ever, Sora no Woto showed that it steers more in the direction of Haibane Renmei […]

Whimsical pictures: Week 2 of winter 2010

Hello again. So, another week has come to pass, and new episodes have been watched. Did they hold up to the openers ? Did a show betray all my expectations already ? Well, read on to know ! Sora no Woto – 02 This second visit to the five girls’ base was just as pleasant […]

Whimsical pictures: The first week of winter 2010

So, this first week of the season was quite good. I had initially planned to follow 4 shows this season, but in the end I think I’ll had a fifth one to the list, thanks to rave reviews it has had on other blogs and its first episode which did not disappoint. Without further ado, […]