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2009 in anime: #12 This doesn’t really work… Does it ?

(First post in the “12 days in anime” 2009 project led by Mega Megane MoĆ©. Other participating blogs include Shameful Otaku Secret!, Continuing World, Fighting for Nippon!, We love maids., Bokutachi no BLOG, Anime Profiling, Desu ex Machina, Blogging about Anime, I Will Show You Terror in a Handful of Flans, Pontifus, Open Your Mind, […]

2009 in anime: Welcome back !

So, it’s this time of the year again, heh ? That time when I feel compelled to write something here. What for, I don’t know. Maybe I subconsciously want to leave a mark on a small corner of the web, maybe it’s simply for the satisfaction you get by clicking that “publish” button. Or maybe […]