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Japan Log #5 – My deer Nara

Oh wow, I think I topped myself with the lameness of that pun… But anyway, time for our first stop on our ‘traditional Japan’ tryptic : Nara. A city that we visited with Pascale in 2009, and which I knew was very beautiful. Many people, when they think of seeing the traditional side of Japan, […]

Japan Log #4 – Hyperkinetic

So, with a bit of delay, here is the post relating our adventures in Osaka… Ah, Osaka… That name which rings like the funniest city of Japan. If you don’t read Azumanga_Daioh, then maybe you were, like me, an avid reader of “An Englishman in Osaka”. That blog featured during several years the observations of said […]

Japan Log #3 – City of peace

When we arrived at Hiroshima, it was already dark since the sun already had set long before we left Fukuoka. So we made a beeline to our hostel, and were greeted by a really nice and cozy Japanese-style room. The next day was planned as two half. In the morning, we wanted to go to […]

Japan Log #2 – Fukuoka Frenzy

Well, ok, maybe not so much frenzy as you may think, but hey, it made for a nice-sounding title. Last time, I was telling you we had to choose between going to Canal City to eat ramen, or going to the Yamato-ya. Well, we did both! The morning of our second day in Fukuoka, my […]

Japan Log #1 – Traiiiiiiins (*)

(*) To be said like “braiiiiiins”. Reason apparent in a moment. Ah, Japan… So glad to be back for another 3-weeks stay! It’s only been two days, but they were already packed with things to remember, so here’s a quick update, live from Fukuoka. Flight was uneventful, but was rather comfortable due to the seat […]

From my window

Just a quick post, not to turn this blog into a Tumblr, but just to show you the view from my window, to compliment yesterday’s offering.For tomorrow, I have planned to take some pictures of the campus on my way to work, and I think I’m going to go to the center of the city […]

A new adventure : Stuttgart !

So, that’s it, I’m now in Stuttgart for a 3-months internship in the University of Stuttgart. And, I must say as I’m typing from my very cool apartment, so far so good. The trip (by train) was really cool, got a bit of time to kill in Cologne between my two trains, and I was […]

What is he doing all the way over there ? [05]

And here comes the next batch of words mostly about a guy in a far-off country (well far-off, depends on where you are while reading this). Anyway ! Let’s skip a pictureless day and go straight to… Day 9 [07/05] : SaltwaterAnother day at the beach ! This pretty much looks like the quintessential summer […]

What is he doing all the way over there ? [04]

Well, no, you’re not dreaming, this is finally the follow-up to my articles written when I was in Japan last spring. I’ll try to dig up some of the more interesting stories from that time now almost lost in the mist of the past, mainly because SOMEONE is bugging me to see some more photos […]

What is he doing all the way over there ? [03]

Sorry for the belated, almost picture-less and short post. But I’m getting very tired, and unfortunately Day 5 is a event-heavy one, which means quite a bit of writing. So bear with me here, I’ll try to get “episode 4” done quick snap. Day 4 [02/05] : A prelude So, I said something about a […]